at Ethos Day Spa

Release tension and stress with a customized massage in our brand new, state-of-the-art facility. Make sure to take advantage of our sauna, steam rooms, hot tub, and cold plunges to make the most out of your treatment. Eco-Fee $2. PLEASE CALL TO BOOK


Swedish | 60 minutes, 90 minutes | $140, $189

Swedish massage with a gentle and relaxing technique. *Series Available


Deep Tissue | 60 minutes, 90 minutes | $160, $209

Deep tissue massage includes slow, deep pressure to release muscle tension. A great massage for those who are looking for deeper pressure on tense areas. *Series Available


Hot Stone | 60 minutes, 90 minutes | $160, $209

Combines unique techniques that incorporate hot basalt river stones and massage to unravel tension in the body for a highly 

relaxing experience. *Series Available


Couples | 60 minutes, 90 minutes | $280, $378

Enjoy our signature Swedish massage with your significant other, friend, or loved one! 


CBD Massage | 60 minutes, 90 minutes | $160, $209

This massage applies CBD hemp oil to your body to soothe the nervous system and aid in sleep. Relax and feel the power of nature's remedy while unwinding with a massage. 


Maternity | 60 minutes, 90 minutes | $120, $169

A therapeutic massage designed to focus on the special needs of a mother-to-be as her body changes during pregnancy. Helps reduce swelling and relieves aches and pains as well as provide emotional support during pregnancy. Just what every new mother needs!

Note: To ensure safety and comfort, please mention the trimester at the time of booking.

Detox and De-Stress | 90 minutes | $229

From soothing detoxification to exquisite relaxation, this head-to-toe treatment will start with a lymph flow stimulating dry brushing then Swedish massage with CBD oil and a foot massage with our moisturizing honey heel glaze. Body brush included *Series Available



Ethos Foot Ritual Massage | 30 minutes | $65

The perfect massage for exhausted, fatigued feet! Enjoy an additional 30 minutes of relaxation during your massage with a foot and calf sugar scrub, foot reflexology, and a warm honey heel glaze massage. *Note: This add-on needs to be booked with another massage.

Seasonal Scent |  $7

Enhance your massage service with our Farmhouse Fresh Seasonal Scents.

Back Scrub |  $10

Experience a luxurious, revitalizing back scrub. 

Head, Hands, and Feet |  $20

Your hands and feet will be covered in our moisturizing Honey Heel Glaze and wrapped in hot towels while you enjoy with a scalp massage using our Oway Scalp Serum. (15 minutes extra)

Honey Heal Me |  $10

Treat your feet with Farmhouse Fresh’s famous Honey Heel Glaze treatment added on to your service.

Dry Brushing |  $15

Encourages lymph nodes to remove cellular waste, speeds digestion by eliminating excess toxins and water, increases energy by stimulating nerve endings, improves blood flow circulation, and reduces cellulite by softening the fat deposit connections below the skin while exfoliating and unclogging pores

Percussion |  $20

Relax tight muscles and reduce muscle soreness and tension through the use of a percussive massage tool (15 minutes extra)

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled service to finalize your form. Form must be complete before service.