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Be Spring Ready with SPF!

As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts shining, we need to start talking about your facial products and sun protection. Before you reach for the same old SPF that you normally put on, you should know that there are moisturizers with built in sun protection! These can, and should, be worn year round (yes, even in the winter). You can layer your normal SPF over top of the moisturizers if you need some extra protection from the hot summer sun.

The moisturizer with sun protection that we love is Elina Organics Sun Shelter Tinted Moisturizer. It’s available in three shades and offers both sun protection and light natural coverage using Zinc Oxide, spirulina, chamomile and more! You will love using this as a daily moisturizer and having the tint is a HUGE bonus. If you need a little more coverage, a light powder finish always does the trick!

Whatever you choose to use, please make sure to add some sort of sun protection to your skincare routine! It’s so much easier to prevent sun damage then it is to reverse it. Sun damage can cause wrinkles, discoloration and even some health consequences that may be more severe. Use SPF!

Available at Ethos Day Spa this summer or purchase today at Artistic Enhancements.

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