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Our Favorite Elina Products

1, The CBD Ageless Restoring Hand Cream is Tara's favorite.

The CDB Restoring Hand Cream is an extremely rich and rejuvenating formula with vitamin C, CBD, and other nourishing ingredients. In a time where we’re washing our hands more than ever, and in combination with the winter time- it’s important to moisturize them as well! A small bead size of hand cream goes a long way and gives you long lasting moisture with a youthful glow!

2. Laurens favorite is the Oil control + Emergency Powder.

This combination is an acne-fighting powerhouse! Oil control is great for those with an oily t-zone, and using it alone is extremely helpful. For those who struggle with acne, a small pump of oil control mixed with a bit of emergency powder makes a powerful paste that helps treat problem acne. Sleeping with that spot mask on and then washing it off in the morning is what we found works best!

* our first product photo's in the new Ethos Day Spa

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