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at Ethos Day Spa

They want to bring a smile to your face with a mood mood-boosting polishes and nail care products. They want them to be as healthy and clean as possilbe. Enough is enough!


Since 2004, we’ve been committed to creating clean, vegan beauty formulations for the spa professional and slow beauty advocate. Our products and programs are designed to intentionally connect you to Slow Beauty Rituals to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment, and set in motion the return to a state of wholeness.

A Brand Inspired by...


Our roots are firmly planted in the ancient and present healing traditions of the spa, the true source of wellness. We develop Slow Beauty Rituals for the world’s leading spas and their professional therapists to use in treatment. The SPARITUAL products you use at home for your slow beauty practices are trusted and loved by the most adept wellness experts from around the world.


Slow Beauty is an art form of painting, poetry, and dance. In its pure state, our body knows bliss. We invite you to master the art of self-care by joining us in a process of wholeness; a way to profoundly care for, deeply commune with, and endlessly be inspired by the body as a work of art. Commune with yourself. Live in ritual.

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