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Why We Use Xtreme Lashes

Updated: Mar 31

When I started out as a young lash artist, I struggled to find a brand that I loved and really believed in. Everything I tried seemed to have poor side effects or contained ingredients that didn't meet my standards. I was desperate to find a brand that I could trust. Then in 2006, I came across Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli- Which I still use today!

The initial draw to Xtreme Lashes was that their founder, Jo, is a registered nurse. This showed it was a safe hygienic brand that I could trust. If I wouldn’t put it on my own eyes, I certainly wouldn’t put it on any of my guests' eyes. Today I use the sensitive glue formulation by Xtreme Lashes on all of my guests.

The training and education that Xtreme offers ensures every lash extension is to their standards and ours! For example, if you visit their website and search for a stylist near you, their lash education and certifications are shown. This brand preaches education, which allows you to ask questions and get an educated answer about what is actually being put on your eyes.

I’ve used this brand exclusively since 2006 and have applied hundreds of full sets with no issues or reactions from those who stay true to Xtreme Lashes. We are SO excited to bring this brand over to Ethos Day Spa and share it with our new employees and guests.

As a reminder to those who have lash extensions or are thinking about getting lash extensions- your lashes should never itch, burn or hurt your eyes. You should always make sure to clean your lash extensions with a mild soap (or a brand preferred cleanser), and be able to reach the base of your lashes to thoroughly clean them!

- Ethos Day Spa

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