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at Ethos Day Spa

Release tension and stress with a customized massage or indulge in a luxurious body treatment in our premier state-of-the-art facility. Arrive early or stay late, we invite you to take full advantage of our sauna, steam room, hot tub, and cold plunges to make the most out of your spa treatment. Make sure to talk to your technician about elevating your experience with one of our many enhancements.  To book any of our Bodywork Services, please call us and we would be happy to assist in making your reservation.

Ethos Body Wrap | 60 Minutes $185 | 90 Minutes $234 

Our most luxurious body service begins with a light body brushing in order to gently exfoliate your skin. Our hydrating clay mask is applied, detoxifying pores and absorbing excess oil without drying out your skin. While the clay goes to work, unwind with our signature scalp massage to fully immerse you into a state of complete relaxation. After the clay is showered off, our ultra-rich botanical body lotion is applied leaving your skin feeling soft, nourished and conditioned.


Enhance your Body Wrap with the 90 Minute option which adds an additional customized massage to let your mind and body escape reality.


Note: This service is not recommended for our guests who are pregnant.  

Signature Ethos Escapes | 60 Minutes $165 | 90 Minutes $204

Ethos has designed four total body escapes where you will be transported to one of Michigan's iconic areas for wellness and enriched with a unique body treatment experience.

Enhance your Escape with the 90 Minute option which adds an additional customized massage to let your mind and body escape reality. 

Note: This service is not recommended for our guests who are pregnant.

Lakeside Getaway - Detox - A gentle exfoliating scrub combined with AROMA-LUXE and a relaxing and detoxifying massage for a spectacular beach day.

A Walk in the Manistee Forest - Silhouette - This invigorating experience includes a scrub followed by AROMA-SCULPTANT, a sculpting bamboo-based leg treatment for a renewed feeling of lightness and well-being.  

Pictured Rocks Journey - Relax - Decadent sugar scrub combined with AROMA-RELAX, an indulgent application with warm superior stones which will relax your body and mind so you can completely 'let go' and enjoy the journey.

Waterfall Wonderment - Vitality - A sweet gourmet scrub combined with AROMA-ENERGY,  a re-balancing acupressure treatment to awaken your senses, freeing you from stress and combating physical and mental fatigue to recover your energy levels.

Customized Focus Massage | 60 Minutes $175 | Series of 6 (recommended) $875

Alternative to our full body massage options, our Customized Focus Massage is tailored to concentrate on your specific areas of concerns and coordinated with a targeted plan for relief.  Your massage therapist will customize your massage treatments utilizing a variety of tools and techniques targeted to the functional concern(s).  Techniques and tools could include passive and assisted stretching, fascia mobilization, heat therapy, percussion massage, and trigger point therapy. This massage will work to facilitate healing and create a path back to your body's peak performance.

Hot Stone Massage | 60 Minutes $165 | 90 Minutes $214

Melt tension away with unique techniques that incorporate hot basalt river stones and skilled massage to unravel stress, improve sleep, offer relief to stiff and sore muscles, induce deep relaxation, and restore balance.

Note: This service is not recommended for our guests who are pregnant.

Spa Recovery Massage | 60 Minutes $165 | 90 Minutes $214

Our focused massage is used to alleviate the most stubborn tension and soreness. Medium to firm pressure and slow techniques are performed to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.


Relax and Restore Massage | 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $204

Our traditional, luxurious massage restores the muscles and the mind using a gentle and flowing technique. Designed to promote relaxation, and improve muscle tone, circulation, and joint flexibility using light to medium pressure.

Pregnancy Massage | 60 Minutes $145 | 90 Minutes $204

Our pregnancy massage helps to reduce swelling, nourishes the skin, alleviates tired muscles, and reduces pain.


Note: To ensure safety and comfort, please mention the trimester at the time of booking. Massages in the first trimester are not recommended. 

Couple's Treatments | 60 Minute Options | 90 Minute Options

Indulge in a pampering experience designed for two in a shared, private suite.  The technicians will consult with each guest to customize their treatment. Choose from our specialty massages or bodywork services. Pricing depends on the treatments chosen and will be confirmed upon booking.

Treatment Enhancements | $20 Each |  Choose Three - 30 Minutes $55

Signature Scalp - Feel stress and tension melt away with a relaxing scalp massage with the use of Oway hair specialty products, leaving your hair and scalp hydrated. Enjoy the added indulgence of a warm towel compress and spa wrap.


Hand and Heel Glaze - Unwind as we apply a targeted softening glaze for your hands and feet. Benefit from the use of Farmhouse Fresh pineapple and papaya enzymatic exfoliation with hydration. This treatment smells as good as it works!


Dry Brushing - Dry Brushing is an age-old technique of exfoliating the skin with a natural bristle brush to reveal soft skin, stimulate lymph flow, and improve circulation. This treatment is completed with a dry brush gifted to you, to continue with your home care.


Back Scrub - Experience a luxurious, revitalizing back scrub revealing glowing skin. Our whipped body polish of organic sugar crystals provides deep hydration as it exfoliates and softens.


CBD Massage - An exceptional way to enhance your massage treatments; specifically formulated to reduce redness, irritation and free radical damage which lessens the signs of aging such as wrinkles and dullness. Induce deep relaxation through our CBD massage. Allow the aromatic oil containing a full spectrum Hi-Bio Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil to help your body heal and rejuvenate while you relax. 

Note:  Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled service to finalize any consent forms, receive a full spa tour, and change into a robe as your treatment will start promptly at your scheduled appointment time. Forms must be completed before service. A $2 Eco-Fee will be added to every guest's visit to contribute to our core mission to recycle 99% of our waste. To learn more, please visit Green Circle Salons.

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