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Celebrating 15 Years

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Today. Artistic Enhancements, Permanent Cosmetics and Aesthetics is officially celebrating our 15 year anniversary. Reflecting on the past 15 years in business what comes to mind are the opportunities where we have played a significant role for our clients. While starting with Permanent Cosmetics to introducing brides to airbrush make up or bringing Xtreme Lashes to Grand Rapids we have enjoyed every minute of it.

I’m so appreciative and honored to work with our clients. I would like to thank our clients for their belief in us and our abilities, while always challenging us to be better. We are continually enriched by the people that we’ve met and been fortunate enough to work with. Many of these people have become friends, advisors, allowing us to grow and learn. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and great friendships.

It is with this support, my personal and business growth, I've decided that it’s time to create a powerful and responsible culture within the industry, and Ethos Day Spa is that culture. Ethos Day Spa will be opening its doors in Summer 2021 in Ada, Michigan.

Thank you for a special 15 years and here is to celebrating the next chapter together. I am excited to share all soon.


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