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at Ethos Day Spa

Please Note: Our Salon Services do not include the use of our exclusive amenities. Due to the privacy of our guests, and the exclusivity of our spa, the amenities are reserved for spa guests only. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks to Oway Organics, we are able to offer you an exclusive Oway Head Spa treatment that is designed to be relaxing and treat a variety of scalp issues. Ask a stylist about the head spa and what it can do for your scalp and hair. 

Purifying Treatment | 60 minutes $98

This detoxifying treatment exfoliates and eliminates buildup on the hair and scalp. Recommended for those 

who have flaky scalps and dandruff.

Rebalancing Treatment | 60 minutes $98

Eliminates toxins and absorbs excess sebum with antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory products. 

Recommended for those who have excess sebum.

Soothing Treatment | 60 minutes $98

Helps control any redness or irritation while protecting against damage and repairing the scalp. 

Growth Treatment | 60 minutes $200

Rebalances and refreshes the scalp while gently cleansing and moisturizing the hair and skin. Recommended 

for those who would like assistance with hair growth. 

Rebuilding Treatment | 60 minutes $250

Restores damaged and weak hair using infrared technology.

Steam Treatment | 60 minutes $100

Deep restorative hydration with the help of steam. 

All Head Spa Treatments (except the Soothing Treatment) include the Steam Treatment and a Blowout as desired.  A $2 Eco-Fee will be added to every guest's visit to contribute to our core mission to recycle 99% of our waste. To learn more, please visit

Green Circle Salons.

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