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We are

Cruelty Free

Ethos Day Spa prides itself on its commitment to ethical and responsible practices, particularly when it comes to the welfare of animals. 

Customers who choose Ethos Day Spa can feel good about supporting a brand that shares its values and cares deeply about the well-being of all living beings.


Our Brands

Our brands have been vetted as cruelty-free. This means that the brands on our list have confirmed that ...

  • Products: Do not tested on animals 

  • Ingredients: are not tested on animals 

  • Suppliers: Our suppliers do not test ingredients, raw materials, or finished products on animals.

  • Third Parties: No third party is testing their finished products or ingredients animal on their behalf.

Life is Short. Save Something Furry.

We carry FarmHouse Fresh®, and they believe life is infinitely richer when we help those we love, and we LOVE animals.

What you buy changes lives.

The purchase of a single hand cream can directly place starving donkeys with a rescue group, pay for surgeries on injured animals dropped at a sale barn, or fly dogs on euthanasia lists to communities where they are adopted in days.

We've made it our life's work to make your skincare dollars stretch farther than you could have ever imagined. You make these rescues possible! Profits from your jar go directly to saving animals -- who you can meet by tracking your batch code.

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