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Revive and Thrive: Experience the Power of Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna ( Near, Mid and Far) at Ethos Day Spa

Embracing the ethos of rejuvenation and vitality, let's delve into the extraordinary realm of our Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas – a hallmark of relaxation and wellness at Ethos Day Spa. As we explore the essence of revive and thrive, it becomes evident why Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas stand head and shoulders above their traditional Saunas.


No matter your experience with saunas, you've likely encountered the buzz around infrared technology. But what sets it apart from traditional steam, Finnish, or electric saunas?

Traditional saunas rely on heating the air to gradually warm the body. In contrast, infrared saunas utilize infrared light to penetrate the body deeply from the cellular level, bypassing the need for prolonged heat exposure. This means you can enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of sweating sooner and at a lower temperature.

At Ethos Day Spa, our Infrared Saunas elevate the experience by incorporating a dynamic blend of near, mid, and far wavelengths, collectively known as Full Spectrum Infrared. Each wavelength offers distinct advantages, tailored to enhance your well-being in unique ways.

Let's break down the spectrum:

Light Spectrum break down
Light Spectrum break down

Near Infrared (NIR): Stimulating cell regeneration, skin revitalization, and wound healing, NIR penetrates deeply to revitalize your body from within. [2][3][4]


  • Recharge the mitochondria

  • Heal acne lesions

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promote cell regeneration 

  • Promote collagen synthesis

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Heals wounds faster

  • Provide anti-aging benefits

Mid Infrared (MIR): Delving further to alleviate inflammation, pain, and aid in muscle recovery, MIR is your ally in enhancing flexibility and workout recuperation. [1]


  • Decrease inflammation

  • Reduce joint pain

  • Improve flexibility

  • Improve workout recovery time

  • Weight loss

  • Improved circulation

Far Infrared (FIR): With its ability to penetrate the deepest layers, FIR facilitates detoxification, weight loss, and overall cardiovascular health, providing an invigorating boost to body and spirit. [5] [6]


  • Weight loss

  • Decreased joint stiffness

  • Decreased inflammation

  • Lower overall body stress

  • Detoxification

  • Feeling energized

  • Heart health [7]

In our Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas, the synergy of all three wavelengths transforms your sauna session into an unparalleled journey of wellness. Experience the efficiency and potent therapeutic benefits as each wavelength harmonizes with the others, magnifying the positive effects and revitalizing your entire being. At Ethos Day Spa, we invite you to immerse yourself in this transformative oasis, where every moment is an opportunity to revive and thrive.







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