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A New Year, A New Skin Care Routine

While you may already be underway with your new year's resolutions- we thought we should share one that you can start just about anytime, and we definitely think it’s a resolution that will stick :)

Organic skincare has taken our hearts, and our favorite skincare line is Elina Organics out of Kalamazoo, MI (local, what a bonus!). We love this line because it’s award winning, organic, cruelty-free, has vegan options, is free of artificial fragrances and chemicals; soy, dairy, and gluten free. Elina also changes her formulas seasonally to ensure your skin has what it needs. The best part? It actually works.

Why organic skincare? Think about it this way- if active ingredients in medication can be delivered to the bloodstream transdermally... is this any different for skincare and cosmetics? Looking at the harsh chemicals in some skincare products made us take a second look at what we were putting on our face every single day. We found that there was a better option that we could feel good about putting on our own skin.

Elina Organics has great options for all skincare types (find below). The order of when you use these products matters, so we made sure to list them in the order that they should be used-


Herbal Cleanser- healing cleanser for oily to normal to oily skin.

Herbal Cleanser

Botanical Cleanser- Calming and rejuvenating cleanser that’s great for dry to normal skin.

Botanical Cleanser


Organic face scrub- An extremely gentle yet effective facial scrub to reveal smoother,

healthier skin

Face Scrub


Healing Formula- promotes healing and soothes irritation- great for problem skin!

Healing Formula

Oil Control- an award winning serum that will help tame oily skin, while sanitizing your skin and preventing future breakouts.

Oil Control Formula


Herbal Toner OR Botanical Toner- Gently hydrate and energize your skin, refreshes and

restores your PH after cleansing the skin.

Botanical Toner

Herbal Toner


Sea buckthorn healing lotion- great for acne prone skin. Known for it’s healing and

rejuvenating effects on the skin.

Sea Buckthorn Healing Lotion

Sun Shelter- a lightweight tinted moisturizer with natural coverage and sun protection!

Sun Shelter

Happy New Year and Happy New Skin Care Routine! - Ethos Day Spa

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