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We have been holding onto a secret.....

We are SO excited to finally announce that we will be carrying Oway as our exclusive hair care line at Ethos Day Spa. Oway is an organic, fair trade brand out of Bologna, Italy. The brand was established to represent more than just hair and body care, it represents a way of life and a philosophy that promotes a healthy, positive way of life- an organic way…. Hence the name, “Oway”.

The brand calls their users “Owayans” which to them means “inspiration, an everyday concept that meets the themes revolving around our circle of good habits and values: biodynamic and organic culture, fair trade, ecology and consideration of the planet, clean chemistry, fashion and design, holistic beauty, health and proper well-being”

At Ethos Day Spa, we believe that using more natural and biodynamic ingredients without using chemical treatments is certainly healthier for our bodies and also has the ability to

increase the quality of life for those that use these kinds of products.

Oway uses green chemistry and constantly demonstrated that it’s possible to have clean, organic products made with naturally derived ingredients that work. Oway is proof that toxic, harmful chemicals are not necessary in everyday beauty products. At Ethos, we pride ourselves on using ethical and effective products.

- Ethos Day Spa

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